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We can provide comprehensive care for your oral health, including not only denture fabrication, but also necessary dental treatment before proceeding with denture treatment.

circleiconContents of medical examination

  • 1. General concerns of dentures
    Partial dentures, Full dentures, Implant dentures
    Deep concerns for many years/Mouth is in a state of disrepair/First time dentures
  • 2. Treatment needed in conjunction with denture treatment
    Dental Caries Treatment/Prevention/Root Canal Treatment/Periodontal Disease Treatment/Oral Surgery/Taste disorder・Xerostomia/Temporomandibular joint disorder・Teeth grinding

No matter how ill-fitting your dentures are, please consult us.

No matter how ill-fitting your dentures are, please consult us.
  • ・Those who have problems or dissatisfaction with their existing dentures
  • ・Those who have had continuing problems, even after many adjustments
  • ・Those who are concerned about dental implants and wish to have the ability to chew with dentures
  • ・Those who want to enjoy conversation and eating more
  • ・Those who desire comfortable dentures that are effortless to chew with
  • ・Those who haven't seen improvement after treatment at various dental clinics
  • ・Dentures after removal of dental implants


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